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supositware Admin 11/8/2023 17:50
This site has nothing to do with the ytp command on the Discord bot. Please use the feedback command from the bot instead to make troubleshooting easier
squidiskool#0 2/8/2023 23:07
hey i tried using the ytp command on my friends server with the force command on and the message for loading just deleted itself and nothing came after that, we also tried it in a nsfw channel and still nothing
malloc62#6622 27/10/2022 06:22
supositware Admin 26/3/2022 19:48
By putting a Youtube link in the main page and reading the rules
gojonny988#0 25/3/2022 20:10
how do you submit video?
Rixor14#8875 29/1/2022 05:46
Ah yeah, I'm dumb, I read the rules but I missed the line that said to click a rule and that it changes every time.
supositware Admin 29/12/2021 16:06
Someone didn't read the rules
Rixor14#8875 28/12/2021 08:42
Submit video button wont work for me. Clicking it does nothing, there's no message saying the vidoe was submitted.
Kevin Watson#5843 16/12/2021 17:41
supositware Admin 14/11/2021 16:09
FrancoLopez#9091 14/11/2021 01:40
wheres my suggetions
alexanderjt 14/10/2021 10:02
supositware Admin 26/9/2021 16:17
Ok then, next time there won't be an unban.
SuperSaiyanJared#4430 26/9/2021 10:55
Yes, I have read them.
supositware Admin 23/9/2021 03:48
I don't know, did you read the rules?
SuperSaiyanJared#4430 22/9/2021 21:55
Can you please unban me?
Supositware#1233 21/8/2021 19:35
<script>alert("hacked by Y.MA_6 😈")</script>
MeiYali#2457 Moderator 21/8/2021 18:33
*shares some food with your back or something*
hazygonuttz#4706 21/8/2021 03:55
this site is perfect i love the dancing pengin gif in the corner
darkwing#6470 Moderator 18/8/2021 17:11
no feedback1! this page is awesome and epic!1!1!!1
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