Welcome to YTP5K submission website! Here you can submit any Youtube video you would want to see appear on the bot!

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You can submit video sources for the Twitter bot that is used to generate ytp. They have to be manually accepted, but you can vote to give your opinion.

Using ytpplus-node, Adonisjs and yt-dlp.

If you want to contact the creator please look at the links below. Its easier to get a hold of me if you join the support server of my bot or contact me through Twitter. I do not accept friend request on Discord.

Did you know? If you visit this site on an Apple device you get a beautiful Mac OS 9 theme!

Running yt-dlp version: 2024.06.01.232725

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If you have any issue with the site please contact me on pixel art discord icon Discord or send an email to sup@libtar.de.

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